LaCroix's Riverside Pub
314 Clinton Ave., St. Clair, MI
(810) 329-9955
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The Hometown Gathering Place

LaCroix’s Riverside Pub is known as "The Hometown Gathering Place” where friends and family meet to enjoy food, drinks and great times together.
  • Monday         11:00-10:00pm                Thursday     11:00-11:00pm         Sunday  Noon-8:00pm
  • Tuesday        11:00-11:00pm               Friday          11:00-1:00am
  • Wednesday  11:00-11:00pm              Saturday      11:00-1:00am

Call us: (810) 329-9955                   

Did You Know?

This historic establishment dates back to 1858 when it was owned by Wesley Truesdale, a prominent sawmill owner in St. Clair. In 1874, August Werner purchased the lot from Truesdale and built a house for the Werner family.

Various families would become tenants to this house until 1922, when Vito and Grace Arena purchased the lot and building. The Arena’s owned and operated the Arena’s Grocery from 1922 to 1936. At the time, the store’s telephone number was 319. In 1936, James and Grace Bommarito bought the building and business and renamed it Bommarito’s Grocery. In 1943, the name that still stands today, Riverside Tavern, was owned and operated by Earle and Myrtle Ingles.